Pour without the Glug & Slosh

The other day, a client was complaining about the cardboard Tetra packs because they glug and splash their contents all over her counter and stovetop. At first, I couldn't understand the problem. I've never had the issue she mentioned - no glugging, spilling or sloshing. But, as we talked further I realized she was holding the package upside down while pouring the liquids. 

Yes, there is a right and a wrong way to pour from these cartons, just like pouring motor oil into your car's engine.     

Here's the trick:

Hold the box so the spout is at the top, so farther away from your cup, pot, or pan, and pour. 

I'll admit, I don't buy a lot of food in these containers - usually just broth or soy milk - but when I do this is how I use them and I've never had any muss or fuss.   

Good luck!