1-on-1 Nutrition Coaching
Designed for You

As a Certified Nutrition Consultant (NC) & Natural Chef, my Goal is to help You learn how to Eat & Live Better so you will Feel Better & Thrive.


Because your time, money, and health are precious. And trying to wade through piles and pages of confusing diet and nutrition information on the Internet or in magazines can be a waste of time. If one-size-fits-all diets worked you wouldn't be looking at this site, and you wouldn't need me to help you design the best Eating Lifestyle for you.

We work together to Find the Best Food and Lifestyle Choices to Nourish You, not the masses.

Together, we assess Your individual health & nutrition goals and needs:

  • looking at your doctor's recommendations (if you have some);
  • identifying the root causes of your health issues; and,
  • paying attention to your bio-individuality.

- I teach you which whole, natural foods to eat to Benefit You the best.

-Together, I help you understand how to Recognize Stress in all its forms and how it is affecting your body and health.

- Self-Care will become a priority for you.

- You Llearn how to take your own health into your hands and gain more control in your life.

I don't just email you a shopping list and call it a day:

  • First, I Get to Know You & Your Goals;
  • I Listen to You and get to know you as an Individual;
  • Then I provide Shopping Lists, Recipes, & Meal Plans to fit your own Nutrition Needs.

Most importantly, you receive my Personalized One-on-One Support - I meet you where you are and Guide you on your path to a new "Eating Lifestyle" to achieve your best self.


Begin Your Nutrition Journey

I work with clients by telephone and in-person. Contact me so we can determine if working together can help you achieve your nutrition goals.

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